Can I get a mortgage loan online in the Czech Republic?


Previously, closing a mortgage loan would not be possible without personal meetings, signing a number of documents and, in some cases, time-consuming administration. However, given the situation, banks are coming up with the transformation of their services into online platforms. This also applies to mortgage loans. Although it is not yet possible to arrange a mortgage exclusively online, a large part of the process can already be done without a personal presence.

What can be arranged online? Initially, all mortgage calculations can be made online and details can be agreed through e-mail communication, calls or online meetings. The selection of suitable financing and the preparation of the mortgage application can be done online, but the signature on the application must be done in person. Newly, some banks already allow online processing of the income confirmation that each applicant has to submit. The approval of the loan application and the preparation of contractual documentation also take place online, but the final signatures will not be possible without your physical presence. Feel free to contact us for more details.