Ceska sporitelna takes over the loan portfolio of the bankrupt Sberbank


During the month of April, the transfer of the loan portfolio from Sberbank to Ceska sporitelna will be completed, and from May 1, 2023, Ceska sporitelna will fully serve Sberbank's loan clients.

The insolvency of Sberbank continues (successfully) and this spring the loan portfolio of Sberbank was paid off and transferred to Ceska sporitelna. During this month of April, all existing clients of Sberbank should be informed in writing by Ceska sporitelna, because from the following month, from May 1, 2023, they will be repaying their loans and obligations to Ceska sporitelna.

After approximately 14 months of uncertainty since the fall of the Russian Sberbank (from the end of February 2022), clients will again have access to the details of their loans within the George service, in Ceska sporitelna's internet banking. The credit conditions of the contracts, i.e. the interest rate, the fixation period, the maturity and others, remain original and unchanged. Ceska sporitelna therefore takes over the loan portfolio and individual loan conditions as negotiated at the then Sberbank branches.

We wish all clients a smooth transition under the banner of Ceska sporitelna and firmly believe that their loan portfolios will last longer under this brand.