Few simple steps to get a mortgage


Do you thinking about getting the mortgage loan in the Czech Republic? If you follow the below mentioned step plan it could be easier for you to orientate yourself on the Czech mortgage and real estate market:

1) Meet the Mortgage specialist - Mortgage specialist will help you to understand the whole process, compare the banks´ offers and will guide you during the transaction to the successful end.

2) Choose the right mortgage for you - Would you like to have 80% LTV mortgage or 90% LTV mortgage? Do you want to have a shorter or longer fixation period? How long should be a duration of your mortgage? By answering these and other questions you will choose the right mortgage for you with your Mortgage specialist.

3) Provide the necessary documents - The bank will need a few documents from your side, which is mainly confirmation of your income, bank account statements, copy of your ID and other forms which will be prepared by the mortgage broker.

4) Sign & withdraw the mortgage - Once your mortgage is approved, you will sign it and meet the withdrawing conditions with the assitance of your Mortgage specialist.

Afterwards, you can enjoy your new property!