Get the services of the experienced mortgage brokers


Applying for a mortgage in the Czech Republic might be confusing for expats / foreigners due to the Czech bureaucracy, processes in banks, specific buying process of purchasing a property or just because of the language barriers.

On the other hand getting the services of the experienced mortgage brokers at have several benefits:

  • Personal consultations at offices in Prague 1 or video calls
  • Mortgage calculations, comparison of banks´ offers and negotiation at the banks
  • Document preparation and administration support
  • Coordination of third parties such as lawyers, real estate agents, sellers, evaluators, technical inspectors, bankers, and others
  • Performing the entire transaction process from start to finish
  • Experience with expats and foreigners from more than 40 countries

Our services are free of charge (In the Czech Republic the mortgage brokers are paid by the banks directly in case of a mortgage realization) so get a trusted advisor on your side!