Mortgage market trends in the Czech Republic


This summer we can observe a changing trend of the interest rates in the Czech Republic. Two of the Czech Top 3 banks increased its interest rates in June. The third bank from Top 3 will increase the interest rates during the first half of September. Does it mean that we are at the beginning of a new increasing trend?

The predictions of the Czech leading economists are mostly the same and conservative as well. Based on the main prognosis the interest rates should turn its trend and set the rates on a little bit higher level than in the previous months. Generally, it is not expected that the interest rates would arise very fast in the second half of this year. The predictions say that the increasing trend could be very slow. Due to the competition between the banks it could also happen that the interest rates would be constant during this autumn.

If you are looking for the right property, do not worry about the increasing interest rates so much, because the mortgage conditions are going to be still very positive in the following months on the Czech market in a comparison to the previous years.

Of course, that an unexpected economic occurrence might change the situation very fast, so do not wait unnecessarily for too long.