Overview of current mortgage conditions for foreigners on the Czech market


Most of the expats and foreigners ask if they are able to get a mortgage in the Czech Republic and what are the current conditions. Here is a brief overview what you can expect:

  • Most common LTV "loan to value" is 80% LTV, however it is also possible to get 90% mortgage at some cases.
  • The interest rates are same as for the locals.
  • Temporary or permanent residency is more than welcome but not necessary.
  • Income from the Czech Republic is a good advantage, but the banks accept also income from abroad, especially if you are an employee.
  • If you ask for a mortgage with Czech citizen (e.g. with a partner, husband or wife) it would help a lot.

Generally, if you have a stable income and 20% downpayment you will be able to get a mortgage in the Czech Republic. Please note that the banks´ conditions are very individual but we are here to help you to choose the right solution.