The forecast of Czech mortgage and Real Estate market for this year


The year 2019 has already started and we provide you with our prediction for the upcoming months. Let´s start with the Czech mortgage market first.

Last year we noticed significant increasing trend of bank´s interest rates due to the rising by the Czech National Bank. Currently the interest rates of mortgage are attacking 3% p.a. Thus, it has to be said that the current rates are still quite low if we look at it from a long-term perspective. We could say that the interest rates are still "better than average" nowadays.

And what about the Czech Real Estate market?

The properties had very fast increasing trend within the end of the last year, especially in Prague, the capital city. The real estate market in Prague is driven by high demand and we expect that the increasing trend will continue slowly also this year. Based on the current macroeconomics data we do not expect any downtrend or crash of the Prague real estate market.

Finally, it is important to mentioned that you can still find very suitable properties with friendly conditions of financing so feel free to contact us or arrange a meeting with us. We will be happy to discuss the financing with you.