The interest rates of mortgages are decresing!


The interest rates of mortgage loans are still decreasing due to special offers from the banks. The mortgage demand had decreased since the start of 2019 and banks are trying to keep their clients and get new ones. Their other offer is the possibility to get a mortgage with a long fixation period with much better interest rate.

Many banks, such as Ceska Sporitelna, CSOB, or UniCredit Bank, are offering a fixation period for long-term such as ten years, fifteen or even twenty years.

The Czech National Bank has increased the interest rates which still has not projected on the interest rates of the banks.

Ceska sporitelna has a novelty where people buying their fist property can get better conditions when applying for a mortgage. Nowadays they can get a mortgage loan up to 90% of the purchase price. All they need to do is to go to the Land Registry Office and prove that they don´t own any property.

Currently there are also many interesting campaigns from other big banks such as Komercni banka, Hypotecni banka or Raiffeisenbank.

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