Why to obtain a mortgage for a company? What are the advantages?


If you are looking for an investment property and financing in the Czech Republic it might be helpful to consider if to obtain a personal mortgage for a personal property or if rather buy a property for a company. There are many aspects that should be considered. The main advantages why to buy a property for a company are below:

  • If you buy a company which owns a property instead of buying a standard property you will save 4% from the purchase price for real estate transfer tax.
  • You will save on accounting effect, i.e. depreciation of a property.
  • Most of the costs for repairements and related services are tax deductible.
  • You could get very good mortgage conditions also for foreigners withnout any residency or income in the Czech Republic.
  • Your property will be in a separated ownership from your personal assets.

This kind of buying property and financing became very popular and we will be happy to help you and advice in your particular situation.